Dharma Gleanings


cynthia rich

Coda 2009

Since I wrote these last words I have learned a great deal about the physical and mental condition that led me to say, “I am leaving here.” In September, 2008 I began a vigorous yoga practice, and not long after the new year of 2009 I began to experience those periods of intense, often immobilizing, lethargy less and less frequently and more and more briefly. I also came to understand that my body type—or “dosha” in yoga-aruveda—is very susceptible to these sinus-lethargy conditions, and I have adjusted my diet as well. As always I acknowledge the possibility of many causes and conditions—still, the change is dramatic.

Now I feel almost entirely free of the dense shroud that would descend unpredictably on my body and spirit, and I am grateful for the challenge I experienced. I can fully appreciate the “simple” but as I now know not-so-simple ability of my mind to think consecutively, to plan, to remember. I know how remarkable it is that I can remind myself to pack tea when I leave for the desert and be confident that I will probably remember. And—perhaps a more important gift—because over time and with great reluctance I let go of my belief that those basic functions were essential to my value, I don’t live with fear and worry that the shroud might return.

I have continued writing these gleanings and at some time may add those new offerings to the ones you find here. Thank you for joining me on this path.